“I have a vision to advance the Kingdom and to empower the youth of the nation towards achieving the nation’s dream in the nearest future!”



A2W VERIZON TAB (3-in-1 Tablet PC: MiniPC | Tab | Phone)

CPU: Multi-core 1.5GHz
OS: Android OS 4.2
Internal Memory: 8GB (extendable: 64GB)
Display: 7″ or 10″ TFT LCD capacitive
Front camera: 0.3MP
Rear Camera: 3MP
Battery: 4000mAh

Networking: Wifi 802.11 g
Bluetooth: Built-in
Internal: GPRS/EDGE, 3G: WCDMA/HSDPA. 2G — 3.75G.
Mifi function (hotspot to broadcast 3G data service using Wifi)
GSM SIM Slot: Phone functions: call, SMS, more internet, etc.
Direct Connections: HDMI (projector & TV), USB Host (flash drives), Earphone, Memory card.
Charging: Uses dedicated charger. Also USB charging!

Office Software: Create, Edit, View: Word, Excel & PowerPoint, PDF, email apps and over a dozen pre-installed apps.
GPS: Built-in
Work Time: 5 — 8 hours.
Speakers: Yes. Microphone: Yes.
Audio format: mp3, wav, wma, aac, M4A, etc.
Video format: MP4, avi, divx, M4V DAT, H.264 & MPEG (for Movies/DSTV), etc.
Picture format: jpg, bmp, png, gif, etc.

Gsensors, Accelerometer (auto rotate screen): Yes.
Interface: Headphone jack1, TF card slot1, Mini USB1, SIM slot1
Weight: 0.365kg, Package weight: 1kg
Size: 7″ or 10″

Promo Price range between 50K and above

You can send questions/message to: Facebook, Twitter, BB: 331EE84F

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» Get-Rich Quick Is An Oxymoron.
“I’m understanding more and more by the Spirit that God usually truly blesses us through ‘HARVESTS'”. You’ve got to be investment conscious. God Usually Blesses Through Harvests — no sorrows! Grow the tree, and reap permanent fruits!

Jesus said, “Focus on MAKING THE TREE GOOD, and naturally, the FRUITS will be good as well..” (Matthew 12:33).
Notice: Crop = one time harvest of an investment (it’s temporary). Fruits = continuous harvest of an investment. That’s the harvest I’m talking about. It’s permanent. That’s a “blessing”!

Which tree (or system) are you building today for a permanent fruit (or harvest) in the future?

» As You Thought In Your Heart, So You Are!
“As you thought in your heart in the past so you are. As you begin to think in your heart now, so you will be!” The results you’re getting right now are surely the compensation/harvests for seeds sown spiritually in the past”. “Every physical result in the world is surely an harvest of some seeds sown in the spiritual realm in the past!

» So, “‘Envying’, Is Ignorance”
To look at another person’s “accomplishments”, or “results”, and then envy them is truly unwise. For those people saw the results even before it happened in the physical world. The same result is available for you too, if you’ll follow the same process.

» Spiritual Produces Physical!
“If we agree spiritual produces physical, then why try to change your physical results from the physical plane! If we agree life is first spiritual before physical, why try to change your results by considering physical facts

“Sow spiritually (money, good THOUGHTS, words, actions) & you’ll see the physical harvests on the physical plane! “Many people want to get the leaves without even seeing the root first. It doesn’t work that way!”

So we are always living in this “residual” (if you will) of our past thoughts, words, actions and behaviours! For example. The Rich knows that true riches is an harvest. So they focus on getting assets which naturally yield permanent income (the fruit/harvest).

There is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof are ways of death. Make the tree good, and the fruits will be good!

Good day!

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“For a person who’s unhappy because he feels things are difficult, life brings more troubles. But for a person who’s always happy regardless, life is a continuous feast!” (Solomon, Prov. 15:15).

I.E. Unhappy mood cause unhappy experiences; Happy mood cause more happy experiences. Most people never make the connection between their attitudes/moods and the results they’re getting. You need to think happy thoughts regardless of appearances.

I tell people, “To think according to appearances is easy. But to think this TRUTH regardless of appearance is laborious, and requires the use of more power!” (Wallace Wattles).

In my experiences, I’ve discovered that the best way to stay in this happy mood, is to be ALWAYS GRATEFUL. It’s impossible to be grateful and unhappy. And it’s happening to me, “the more I’m grateful, the more I experience more things to be grateful for!”

Today, give thanks to God with a grateful heart! For every and any good thing in your life. Count your blessings always…and you’ll enjoy a continual feast — the happy experiences!

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SPECTACULAR DESIGNS — ValuePlus International

SpectacularDesigns is a design company of ValuePlus International

If you know anyone who needs a world-class LOGO for their Brand, OR you know anyone who is thinking of a #Spectacular business card DESIGN for their business, you can contact SpectacularDesigns for truly awesome designs:

Business Cards/Logo | Online/Offline Ads | Banners | Book Designs | etc.

08033924595, 08022880827
BB: 331EE84F
Twitter: @valueplusintl, @tolulopeahmed
Facebook: http://Facebook.com/tolulopeahmed



A great leader leads with two important virtues: Skill (outward virtue) and Integrity (inward). Competence and Character. Skilful hands and truthful heart!

Every great spiritual leader must have this combination. To have one without the other leads to failure in leadership.

“God chose David…so, David lead the people with the ‘INTEGRITY OF HIS HEART, and guided them with the ‘SKILLFULNESS OF HIS HANDS’” (Psalm 78:70 — 72 NKJV).

We pray for leaders of this kind in our nation! “Today, I. choose to lead my life and others’ with skill and integrity of heart IJN!” #ConfessionsThisMorning

Good morning 🙂


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Academic Intelligence = part of one’s intelligence a person uses to solve academic challenges leading to Academic Excellence (excellent grades)”

Emotional Intelligence = ‘the understanding of feelings’. Attributes that make someone succeed in life: Self-awareness, Self-control, Self-confidence, and Empathy!” (intra- and interpersonal relationship skills)

“The man who has been ACTIVE on the campus; whose personality is such that he gets along with ALL KINDS of people, and who has done an adequate job with his studies, has a most DECIDED “edge” over the strictly academic student!” (Robert Moore)

Qualities of character, intelligence, & personality are far more important than academic grades! Emotional Intelligence (EI) is far more standard than Academic Intelligence (IQ).

“The greatest things I took out from the campus was not my first-class certificate. No. The greatest achievement I took out. Of campus was ‘WHO I BECAME’ — by the reason of people who added values to me and those I added values to!”

This is very important! Yes, be academically intelligent and be the best, but also Invest in emotional intelligence, being a man of value, influence, faith and character. Be a leader when you leave campus!

More on twitter at #Education. Or just Follow @acad_excellence & @tolulopeahmed

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The truth is, “I’M BUILDING A TEAM!”


What I really want to do is “live in abundance”. Live life to the fullest. To be free to be the best God will have me be. Free to pursue my purpose, dreams, and advance the Kingdom! Free to travel the world! Free to deliver my potentials to the world and die empty.
» Free to fully express the love in my heart: TO DO GOOD TO PEOPLE — to give gifts & scholarships, to shower encomiums on someone else, to be a blessing and impart the world!

My colleagues think I’m in a “pyramid scheme”, or “ponzi scheme”, or “Madoff scheme”. They think I’m in a business of convincing people for their money. That only the people who get in at the top get the money of people below. How so wrong!

My neighbours think I’m unemployed. They think I don’t have work to do. They think I’m lazy. Far from it!

They think I am always travelling. Going on vacations or going away on trips. They don’t understand.

The truth is, “I am building a team.” I am building an organization. I’m building a great company. I’m setting up a big system. I’m helping people succeed. I’m leaving a legacy.

I growing in leaps and bounds. My path is shining brighter and brighter. “I’m becoming richer and richer by the day, until I become very wealthy!” (Gen. 26:13). I’m becoming a great leader!
They say…
“One year from now, you will wish you had started today! Start!” Submit your details HERE!
Good day!

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FAITH — God’s Ability in You

FAITH — God’s Ability in You

1. Success begins with a person’s WILL
“If you think you are beaten, you are! If you think you dare not, you don’t. If you like to win but you think you can’t, it is almost certain you won’t. If you think you’ll lose, you lost. For out in the world we find that success begins with a person’s WILL (or in the STATE OF MIND).

2. The man who wins is the man who THINKS HE CAN
If you think you are outclassed, you are. You’ve got to think high to rise. You’ve got to be sure of yourself before you can ever win a prize. Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man; but soon or late, the man who wins is the man who THINKS HE CAN.

3. It doesn’t require Money, it requires Will.
Successful people know that it doesn’t take money to start a business, make more money, or achieve your goals. It takes “WILL”. Some people call it “GUTS”. Others call is “RISK”. We call it “FAITH”! Faith Works! It’s God’s Ability in You!

Good day!


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PURPOSE [Simplified]


“It is as if a king has sent you to a foreign distant land, with one specific task to accomplish. You could accomplish 100 different things. And if you fail to accomplish the one thing for which you have been sent, in the end, it will be as if you have accomplished nothing!

It is as if the King, God (The Grand of all Designing, Principles, Presence, and Power of this universe) sent you and me to a foreign distant land (planet earth, human birth) with one specific task to accomplish (THE DISCOVERY AND THE DELIVERY OF WHO WE REALLY ARE, as sons and daughters of God, in all it’s beauty and wonder and glory and power). We can accomplish 100 different things. But if we fail to discover and deliver who we really are, in the end, it will be as if we’ve accomplished nothing!

“No man has the right to come into this world and leave it the same way he met it without delivering Who He Is! Purpose is everything!”

“The Discovery and DELIVERY of Who We Are!”

In my short journey, I believe…
Your Passion + Talent + Kingdom Advancement + Helping People Succeed = …is a pointer to what you should spend your life doing!

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Here are the 3 steps to buy the required A2W Product and Join A2W.

» Go to your sponsor’s personal website — my personal website:
» Click on “Join” (top right corner)

Then, you will be shown the 3 steps involved in purchasing your privilege pack on the next page.

On the page, fill in all your necessary details. (Here, you’ll get to choose your username). Password will be sent to you after completion.


Make payment (N58000 for Privilege Pack + Oven, etc) into any of A2W’s account given on the website (the commonly used banks are GTBank, UBA… In the order listed here).
A/C name: Avenues to Wealth Ltd.
» GTBank Naira: 0012057965 [GTBank Dollar: 0012057989]
» UBA Naira: 1013695867 [UBA Dollar: 3000987027]
» Zenith Bank: 1012170183
» Skye Bank: 1771190591
» FirstBank (Nuban): 2018057458
» Diamond Bank: 0023738071
[I recommend this step first]

Then, with the receipt, take the payment details (Bank, Depositor’s Name, TELLER NUMBER, Date, Amount Deposited, etc.).
GO TO: http://www.a2wglobal.com/ni/cash.php
…And complete payment by filling the payment form at the bottom of the page.


Once payment form is submitted, a “payment voucher code” will be sent to your registered email. Copy this codes and go back to the first website:
» Click “Join” again.
» But this time click “Already Registered”.
» Then fill in the voucher codes and submit.
DONE! Your privilege pack will be activated within minutes.



Tolulope Ahmed
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Good day!



To use A2W cooperative, you need to become an A2W distributor first. Read, “HOW TO JOIN AVENUES TO WEALTH”

Remember, the cooperative functions both as an “escrow account” (a third-party savings account governed by rules, such that money saved in it doesn’t leave except in pursuit of an asset (which by definition, generates Passive Income). You get the opportunity to…

1. Save monthly — thereby developing a saving culture (This also qualify you for a loan after you’ve saved for 6 months +). and
2. Invest in A2W Share Capital (Cash Assets) that gives 20% dividends per annum (passively).

Remember also that having an escrow account is the number 4 step in the “9 stages towards financial freedom”


Here are the 6 simple steps to joining the cooperative…

1. Pay Registration fee (N3000) + savings for the month (N5000+) into A2W’s Cooperative account…
» Avenues to Wealth Cooperative Multipurpose Society
0012106667 (GTBank) | 2108530010 (FirstBank)
You may also use internet/Mobile banking (which is what I use).

2. Login & Download the “cooperative registration form” from your Business Pack. You’ll find the registration form here:
Log in » My Account » Cooperative… » Info Sources » Coop Registration Form.
(Note: Do it yourself. It helps duplication)

3. Print. Fill. Attach a passport photograph to it!

3. Scan. It(or snap it with a camera) and send the softcopy to cooperative@avenuestowealth.com. This process will activate your cooperative account.

5. In the “COOP” section. Click “PAYMENT FORM” and fill the form according to your payment: (Whether Registration, Monthly Savings or Share Capital). Afterwards, click “SUBMIT”….done!

6. A naira account will be created for you in your Business Pack and your funds will be updated accordingly within 12-24hours.
You will then be able to view the statement of account anytime in your Business Pack! By logging into it, and clicking “COOP STATEMENT”.


Tolulope Ahmed
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Good day!

With LEVERAGE, You can use MORE than 24hours/day!

With LEVERAGE, You can use MORE than 24hours/day! Update #6: July

“I’ll rather use 1% of the effort of 100 people than use 100% of my effort”.

Leverage = “getting more done with less” = “getting more things done by using other people’s time, money and resources—while they are getting results as well”. It simply means “Other People’s Everything!” (OPE). You can also leverage on things—equipment/technology. Here are 3 things to leverage on:

Obviously, in order to use 1% of the effort of 100 people, you need a lot of leadership & communication skills. If you can’t influence people positively, leverage is weak! Develop yourself into someone with strong leverage. Join Network Marketing! “Do it or don’t do it. But don’t give excuses”. Every excuse you give for not developing yourself & building a NETWORK OF YOUR OWN limits your capacity to generate results.

Leverage = “benefiting from other people’s efforts while they are prospering as well.”

2. LEVERAGE ON THINGS—Buy devices that does your work faster. In fact, the reason we have developments in technology is to help save time. Leverage on technology: internet, etc. Electric Automatic Cooker, Computer & Printer/Photocopier, Smart Phone, internet/mobile banking (stop going to banks 🙂 ) Google, Blender, Washing machine, etc.

3. LEVERAGE ON MONEY—Practice spending money to save time, rather than “wasting time in order to save money”. Rich people spend money to save time while the poor person squanders a lot of time in order to conserve little money. Take a bike or cab once in a while instead of walking all the time. Position yourself to limit commuting time. If you get more time, you can use it to develop other areas of your life—leadership, communication/teaching skills, your financial intelligence, more income streams, etc.

“With Leverage, you can use more than 24 hours per day!”
More in “10 Laws of Academic Excellence”. Get copies. Call: 08033924595

My new ebook: #HowToWriteYourPersonalFinancialStatement comes out December, 2013. Watch Out!

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Time Management Matrix (Update #5: July)

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you SET IN MOTION, the process of becoming the person you most want to be.” (Mark Victor Hansen).

Stephen Covey (#7HabitsOfHighlyEffectivePeople) divided all activities into 4 categories/quadrants (called #TimeManagementMatrix). See image…

#1.“Urgent & Important” (e.g. deadlines, problems, your spiritual development, important phone calls, emergencies, things you can’t delay or else it would cause problems in the future. They should always be first on the list). Things ‘on your face’—you can’t put them off. They press/act on you.

#2.“Important but not Urgent” (e.g. personal development, learning or upgrading your skills, physical fitness and exercise, applying health principles, [as a student] preparing yourself for marriage by studying, etc. They are done slowly and steadily). They are the things that bring noticeable positive change to your life. THEY ARE THE KEY TO #TimeManagement. They don’t act on you at all; you have to act on them. You have to discipline yourself to do them.

#3.“Urgent but not Important” (e.g. someone visiting you unannounced, meetings! Casual conversations on irrelevant matters, ringing phone(s). They have no positive effect on your success. They are wasters of time and a killer of careers & future potentials. They should not come up on your #ToDoList). Listen, You don’t have to attend all meetings! Be sure they are ‘urgent and important’ or ‘important’.

#4.“Not Important & not Urgent” (e.g. reading addictive novels, spending mindless hours watching movies & TV, whiling away the time, following purposeless people to their outings, etc. They kill careers faster. Never write things like in your #List)

Action Step: Copy the Time Management Matrix and paste it where you can always see it. Ensure it’s always in sight. Remember, In sight = in mind, and out of sight = out of mind.

Most people, who are not effective with time, spend the majority of their time doing quadrants 1 and 3 activities. Most people are busy meeting deadlines and doing things because of the deception of “urgency”. Quadrants 1 and 3 activities “act on us” because of the factor of “urgency”.

Effective #TimeManagement = Doing “Quadrant 2” Activities


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Use “TO-BE, and TO-DO LISTS” [Time Management]

Use “TO-BE, and TO-DO LISTS” [Time Management] — Update #4, July

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you SET IN MOTION, the process of becoming the person you most want to be.” (Mark Victor Hansen).

“It’s always better to develop a #ToBeList before your #ToDoList. Like “I’m happy, kind, generous, more loving and a blessing to people around me today!” etc. This will instruct & give more life to your #ToDoList.

#ToDoList = a written list of all the IMPORTANT things you need to do that day—things to fill into the day. It’s the most effective way to manage time. Don’t memorize your plans. It’s deceptive. Put pen to paper and write them one by one. Create your day!

» Everything Is Created Twice: First in the mind (spiritual), THEN in real life. For a house, the first creation is called a “blueprint”. For a fulfilling day, it’s called “#ToBeList & #ToDoList”

You may Type your List on your phone! Simply erase/delete them afterwards. Once you write a to-do list, you’ve suddenly made those activities important to you—because if you don’t know what needs to be done and when it should be done, you’ll think that those things are not important. Plus, checking things off your to-do list feels great!

Using a to-do list will improve and increase your personal effectiveness by 25% the first day you start using it (if you are not using one already). Try and see!

Success = the accomplishment of goals. Also, Success = bits of successes. If you break down your goals into pieces, you’ll realize that the ‘bit’ = Your #ToBeList, #ToDoList!”

More in “10 Laws of Academic Excellence. Get copies. Morning!


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“THE CUSHION PRINCIPLE” [Time Management: How to meet deadlines]

“THE CUSHION PRINCIPLE” [Time Management: How to meet deadlines]

Observed that when we plan to get to a place by 7am, we most usually get there 7:10am or thereabout? If you plan to achieve a goal or finish a task (or an assignment) by Wednesday, you will likely finish it by Thursday or Friday.

The Cushion Principle states that:
“If you want to effectively plan for a future task/event, you should (secretly) aim to (genuinely) finish that task in some time before the (publicly) stated deadline.”

Next time, if you have a meeting by 7am, you should aim to genuinely get there by 6:45am. The 15 minutes you have left out is the “cushion” (it protects you against the damage of getting late).

» [LEADERSHIP] If you are organising a program that would last for 2 hours, your written programme plan should be to genuinely finish in 1 hour, 45 minutes or less. If you are invited to minister at a program for 50 minutes, you should plan & aim to genuinely finish your ministration under 40 minutes, etc. It has been said that maintaining brevity in public speaking (or meetings) is not easy; but with the Cushion Principle, brevity can become a habit.

» [ACADEMICS] For example, if I have exam 2 months from now, I’ll prepare for it as if the exam is next month. If you want to spend N500 in the market, you should (secretly) aim to (genuinely) spend about N400 before you set out in the first place. If you are to submit an assignment (or complete a task) by Thursday, then (secretly) aim to (genuinely) finish by Tuesday or Wednesday! If you want to score A’s, then aim to score 100%, etc.

» In order to meet deadlines, some people instead readjust their wrist watch to be 5 or 10 minutes faster and they stick to it as the normal time. This is OK, but I encourage you to learn how to use the cushion principle well. This is because the cushion principle is not just about the few minutes; it applies to hours, days, weeks, months and years. Apply this principle until it becomes normal in your life.

Read more in “10 Laws of Academic Excellence”. Copies available: Lagos, UI, OAU, LAUTECH, EKSU, Ede Polytechnic, other places soon. Contact: 08033924595

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IN TIME [What If Money Was Time?]

IN TIME [How Much Time Do You Have Left?] — Update #2

I saw a movie some time ago that really showed how valuable time truly is. The title of the movie was “In Time” (I recommend)

In the movie, the “currency” you spend was “time”. Each person had his/her own time on his/her wrist which was always counting down. If you wanted to buy anything in the market, you buy it with your time—i.e. an amount of time will be taken away from your entire life. Also, when you want to earn salary, an amount of time will be added to your entire life (instead of cash). And when your time reads “zero”, you simply fall down and die. 🙂

The movie equated time to life (and money). Think about it very well, and you’ll realize it’s true! Your life = time (and money)! By time, because your life is basically what you can do within the space of your lifetime. And by money, because when a person collects salary, they say he’s making a living.

Have you ever thought about it? We spend time every time, for everything we do! Time is a constant factor for achieving anything in life. The quantity of the time you have is what you have to convert into the results/achievement you desire.

Remember, “The 24-hours we have today is only a void (an empty space), whatever we fill it with is what we get!” For your goals today, this week, this month, etc., how much time do you have left?

Have a fulfilling day!


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Principle #5: TIME MANAGEMENT 

Principle #5: TIME MANAGEMENT (Update #1: July)

» “The 24 hours in a day is simply a void (an empty space). Whatever YOU fill it with, is what it will become to YOU at the end of the day!”

Once you can apply this knowledge well, you can accomplish (and even exceed) your goals faster than you can imagine!”

Time management is best defined as:
“The ability to manage YOURSELF (and your activities) within a defined amount of time, TOWARDS achieving the goal you have already set.”

In other words, time management is about you. It is actually “self-management”—and it should be towards a particular goal/aim. Like they say…
“Stupidity = doubling your efforts when your aim has been forgotten”.

Be clear about your end, and naturally, it becomes easy to fill your day with the right activities.

RBC! Good morning!


More in “10 Laws of Academic Excellence”.
Copies available at Lagos, UI, OAU, EKSU, Ede Poly, LAUTECH.

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When I came into the university (OAU) to study Eng. Physics in 2006, I had only 1 major goal:
» “To finish with a first-class by 2010 — and nothing else!”

Truthfully, I had no clue HOW it was going to happen but I knew in my heart that even a ‘second-class upper’ was NOT an option!

I made it my Statement of Confession for weeks and for MONTHS until I found myself “thinking and talking in terms of THAT GOAL most of the time — more importantly being grateful about it most of the time!

Because of this “clear vision”, I realized that things actually worked together academically for me until my goal was achieved — literally: mainly because I “BEGAN with my END in MIND”,

1. I came across universal success principles which I applied ‘academically’ and also taught to others to achieve excellent results — which eventually resulted into the book, “10 Laws of Academic Excellence”

2. I found myself amongst the top people in my class, met first-class senior colleagues, etc. until my academic goal (i.e. The first-class was achieved).

This is a great honor and value the university have placed on me which commands respect and favor wherever I go today.

Even though I served as a pastor, an executive member all through out my years, did business, taught in tutorials, etc., I still graduated as the best student with the highest CGPA in the faculty of Science, OAU (2009/2010 session).

Then, I looked back and I realized IT WAS A LAW:
» “Once you can ensure your Academic goal is clearly set, things will literally work together academically to ensure that goal is achieved!” (Law #1 of 10 Laws of Academic Excellence — book. See image below)

This Law says…
» ONCE THE GOAL IS CLEAR, things in the short term will run as though they’ve been pre-programmed.
» You can only experience a future you’ve already seen.
» The future belongs to those who have been there before!

This realisation, with the leading of God, has led me to write the book “10 Laws of Academic Excellence”; and for the last 2.5 years helping people across the country to achieve Personal and Academic Excellence. Today, testimonies from this book, range from
» First-Class (and Top-Class) Graduates
» 100% Scores
» Personal Excellence/Achievements, etc.

I foresee a book coming out soon containing the “SUCCESS STORIES” of people who’ve achieved great results via the book, written by these people themselves. I hope you’ll be part of it.

Today, I’m more fulfilled, not because of my achievements but because of the testimonies/achievements of people who have been in the sphere of the vision of “10 Laws of Academic Excellence” (book). (which is, ‘Personal and Academic Excellence” — 1million people by 2015). Like they say, “Success without a successor is only a failure in disguise!”

If a person ask me today, “How were you able to graduate at the top of your class”, my general answer is simple and the same…
“I achieved it because of the 10 Laws of Academic Excellence. You can as well.

Get the book: Lagos, OAU, LAUTECH, UI, Ekiti (EKSU), Ede Poly. LASU, Akure, other places soon. Or join the “Online Mentoring”


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“Success lies more in WHO YOU ARE BECOMING not necessarily WHAT YOU’RE ACHIEVING” — Tolulope Ahmed

I joined A2W October, 2011. I had just graduated at the top of my class from OAU, ready to go for NYSC. I joined mainly because of the person who encourage me to join (Deolu Akinyemi, the MD). By the way, he forwarded by book, “10 Laws of Academic Excellence“.

Since then, it’s been a journey of “progressive change”, “learning” and “success stories” as the company stayed true to its promises. Yes, there’s been challenges but overcoming them is really where the testimonies lie!

Take this from me: A2W is a practical entrepreneurial platform. You have a first hand, hands-on entrepreneurial training — free. You learn a lot — you learn to sell; you get mentors, and build sales team. Plus, you earn as well.

Here are my experiences in the last 1 year..

1. I’ve enjoyed EXTRA INCOME.
I became “bronze” (2 signups) 2 months after, earned fast start and enjoyed many weekly cash rewards in $ called “Green Mondays”. And it has been getting better and better.

2. I became a part of THE COOPERATIVE in March, 2012.
Perhaps, this was one of the best decisions I ever made in A2W. And since then I’ve cultivated a saving culture where I’ve made consistent monthly savings till date without fail. I now have some few cash assets that yields dividends for me twice every year (passively). The cooperative, is enough reason for anybody to become part of A2W.

Before A2W, I could be called “academically intelligent” (I graduated with a first class) but very ignorant financially. Via this amazing A2W opportunity, I’ve enjoyed financial intelligence training (32-weeks of practical learning & experiences), worth over $3000 by being a distributor. I have attained a level of financial mastery.

» I moved from a level where my income was less than my expenses (I<E) to where I now have cash assets producing passive income. On December 4th, 2012, I became qualified (certified) to trained/coach others. My first real asset will be acquired this year! Read: THE 9 STAGES TOWARDS FINANCIAL FREEDOM

4. One of my greatest Joy is in HELPING PEOPLE SUCCEED.
I literally receive message from my team members constantly, thanking me for putting smiles on their faces and supporting them to achieve more than they imagined. I’ve also met DIFFERENT PEOPLE I wouldn’t have had opportunities to meet. And have built fantastic relationships and made new friends.

I’m more excited about the vision of the company and our potentials of the future!

You can earn passive income from upto 6 different sources in A2W. I currently earn from 1 (which is not from team building yet).

Listen, this business is NOT about “bringing” others, but “building a team.” You basically enjoy the A2W opportunities first, then share your experiences with your friends (like I’m doing now), and help them achieve what you’ve achieved (like I genuinely intend to help you achieve), so they can do the same to their friends (like I hope you’ll help your friends too)…

The passive income from Network Marketing is a product/result of this activity; i.e. Duplication! The very act of helping people succeed who will help others succeed… is what qualifies you for continuous passive income!


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“My greatest investments are in people!” — Dad

The greatest benefits of death are…
1. “the joy of a fulfilled life” and
2. “the joy of dieing in Christ & being with the Lord”.
I tell you the truth, Many hope to die in the lord, my dad was a child of God and yes, he did!

See, People don’t cry because of the dead person, they cry because of the difference the demise makes to their lives — the impact that has been made. I once read that…
» “When we came into this world, many celebrate while we cry. When we leave, the reverse should happen: while people cry, we should be rejoicing going to the Lord!

Thank God, my Dad rejoices to be with the Lord. And I’m happy that I’m going to see him again at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ. “To be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord!” 2Cor. 5:8

Live Life To The Fullest
We however need to learn that since the end of every man is certain, we need not live in fear anymore but life our lives fully — to die empty. Full life is impeded by the fear of dying. I realized that for us his children, there is never a good time to lose a loved one, even at 90. Dad, I believe I’ll miss you most.

I write this article with a feeling of gratitude, and a far greater determination for the years ahead. I’m fully persuaded and certain of greater things ahead of my family — for sure! The things God has said to me and shown me about the future is way too much to be grateful for! I’m so excited about the possibilities of the future!

Here are few key Lessons My Dad (and his life) taught me:

1. DETERMINATION: My Dad grew up from nothing. Illiterate and poor background, literally. He had no chance at education. He grew up with farming. With a vision of “literacy” in his heart, and no one to help, he worked to earn to go to school. Pushed it hard through the Polytechnic all by himself and God’s grace.
» Lesson: “Winning isn’t everything, but WANTING TO WIN IS!”

2. LEGACY: “My Commitment is to Ensure You Achieve What I Never Achieved!”
Oh, I heard this statement from my dad countless of time. If my dad committed himself to anything, it’s the proper education and comfort of us — his children. Everytime I ask him, “Dad are you making any investment?” His reply was always “You and your siblings are my investments”. And those investments today will impact the globe — mark my words!
» Lesson: “Every investment in this world will fail! The only investment that will last forever is the one in PEOPLE!” — Mark my words!

3. RESPONSIBILITY: My dad is a father in deed. From sponsoring other’s children to school (even to university level), to even supporting his grandchildren like his own!
» Lesson: “If it is to be, it is up to us!”

4. FAITH IN GOD: “My dad came from a background that was not only religious but fetish. He’s even tried his hands on a few to get rich quick this way. But I’m glad to know that I was the reason for his conversion to Christianity: I was 2 years old when I got ill till the point of death in the middle of a Friday night. In desperation, he rushed out (with my Mum) to get help. Rushed into a church and in few minutes I was revived by the power of God! At that point he got born again! Hallelujah!
» Lesson: “There’s no power in anything else except God!”

5. GOOD TEACHING PRINCIPLE: I remember when I started teaching at age 15, I brought home my students scripts and many of them failed. My Dad said, “Tolu, if you teach a person and the person fails, you’ve not taught him well enough”.
» Lesson: “The success of a teacher is ultimately measured by the results of his students. You need to take responsibility for your students’/customers’ results”.

Perhaps the past few days I’m hearing and learning more from his life. Living is dieing. Every day we live move us closer to the end. Every birthday celebrated is a year less as well. We need to therefore ensure we live our lives to the fullest, impact the WORLD and die empty!

Today is Father’s Day. Dad, you are the best Dad I could ever have and I dedicate this article to you! Love you Dad!


"Leave this world better than you met it!"


The Law of Diminishing Intent (Update 3: June)

The Law of Diminishing Intent states that:

    “The longer you wait to do something you KNOW you should do NOW, the greater the chances that you will never actually do it.”

He who observes the wind will not sow. This law helps to understand the importance of “Simply Getting Started!” Remember…

Going from “doing nothing” to “doing something” is sometimes the hardest part. But after you start doing it, then motivation will come and make it easy for you to keep doing it. Remember also that, Action is what cures fear and what motivates…which also builds your confidence.

So, act NOW! Listen, the only influence you will ever have over your life (future & perhaps past) is what you do NOW! Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is always out of reach.

“The Secret to getting ahead in life is ‘GETTING STARTED!’ Once the goal is clear, Start first, then Improve as you go! No one has control of tomorrow. The only thing you have control over, is ‘THE PRESENT MOMENT’”. Start!

More in “10 Laws of Academic Excellence”.
Copies available at Lagos, UI, OAU, EKSU, Ede Poly, LAUTECH.

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“Real Maturity is Spiritual Maturity!”


3-step Method to Becoming Disciplined (Update 2: June)

#1. Just Get Started!
You see, going from “doing nothing” to “doing something” is sometimes the hardest part. And it usually takes about 10 minutes after getting started to become engaged. But guess what? Once you’ve reached this level of engagement, you may even find it hard to stop!
» So, all you need to do is sit down, block any distraction (all electronics, etc.), and just dive in! Starting requires strength, continuing is easy!

#2. Practice doing important things “Once and For All”
Imagine it as done! Then make it happen!

#3. Practice “Single-Handling”
Single-handling teaches: “Make a list of important things you need to do. Then get started on the most important one. Then ensure you stay at that task until it is 100% complete.”
» It’s like the great quote that says, “I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done!

#4. Always keep your academic goal “in view”.
Whatever you do, be sure it’s in line with your ultimate end! I tell people, “If you want to exercise discipline in any area of your life, you need to have a goal that is strong enough. Otherwise, you can’t sustain that discipline!”

Listen, the only influence you will ever have over your life (future & perhaps, past) is what you do NOW! Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is always out of reach. Do it now!

More in “10 Laws of Academic Excellence”.
Lagos, UI, OAU, EKSU, Ede Poly, LAUTECH.

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“Real Maturity is Spiritual Maturity!”

EXAM TIPS [for those preparing for exams]

EXAM TIPS [for those preparing for exams]

» Write down your “final result” at the end of your exam.
» Put it where you can always see it…until you find yourself thinking in terms of it most of the time!

1. An Effective Way To Start Your Day—“take your bath very early”:
As long as you’ve not taken your bath, you subconsciously feel that you’re not ready to start your day yet. The best time to take your breakfast has been said by nutritionists to be between 7 and 7:30am.
You should have taken your bath before this time. And you should also ensure that you’ve made plans for your breakfast the night before. This requires you sleep early as well. #Law8.

2. Eat Well, Never Miss Your Breakfast:
» Nutritionists say, the breakfast is the most important meal of the day—more important than lunch and dinner–and is ideal between 7 or 7:30am or thereabout. Breakfast keeps the mind sharp throughout the first half of the day. Your Health is vital. Fasting on the day of exam doesn’t make the brain smarter!
» Also take lots of water—it hydrates the body and cleanses your system. #Law8

3. Do The Bulk of Your Reading Before 12PM
Once you’re had your bath and breakfast, Start your day as though it ends by 12PM. List your plans. Get started earlier. The average student wastes the bulk of the morning and tries to start around 12 or 2PM. He finds out his brain waves are not calm. Rests for a while. And before he could do much, the day is gone…again! Not you. #Law8

4. Ensure “The Study Periods” = “Q&A Periods”:
The way to literally measure your learning progress towards exam is how many questions you’ve answered (or can answer) and not how many pages you’ve read. Question: “how many questions would you have answered before 12PM?”—your answers are your true goals/targets during your exam period. Like they say, “The questions are the answers”. #Law7

5. Ensure The Knowledge is not only “Coming into you” but also “Going Out From You”:
» “Learning coming into you” = passive learning e.g. Reading, listening to a lecture or a friend teaching you, tutorials, etc.
» “Learning going out of you” = active learning (or accelerated learning) e.g. documenting answers to past questions, teaching others, and simulating the exam by giving yourself a self-test. According to research, self-test is the fastest and best way to prepare for exams. #Law8

6. Follow Exam Instructions to the Letter!
Realize that academics is a system. In order words, academics has “standards”. You have to do it according to the standards/rules/instructions. “Whatever they tell you to do, do it!”

7. Where Possible, Aim to Use Images, Graphs, Figures, and Illustrations to answer questions (if allowed).
Images, graphs, figures, etc., communicate and convinces the examiner faster than words. This is important especially if you don’t have a good handwriting. 🙂 #Law8

8. Aim to Score 100%
The way to stop being average is to aim to score 100%. Aim to answer all the questions. Not “do your best and leave the rest” but “Do everything and leave nothing!” Psalm 16:3: God says you’re already excellent! #Law2

9. Maintain Your Confession of Excellence:
“The words out of your mouth may seem of no effect, but it can accomplish almost anything or destroy it!” (James 3:5 MSG). The person who speaks most of excellence has it. The person who speaks most of failure has it. “…you will have whay you say”. (Jesus, Mark 11:23). #Law10

10. Use Highlighers of Different Colours:
We have separate memories for colours. highlighter enhances clarity while studying. #Law8

11. Practice Giving Yourself Self-tests:
According to the cone of learning, this is the best way to learn fast and prepare for any exam. Get a past question, time yourself and try to provide answers to them in the same time frame on the paper (or less) and see how you’re doing. You may do this with an accountability partner. It makes it more fun. Guess what? This is the best and only way to test your exam speed and improve it—The best and only way! #Law8

12. Even When You “Finish” The Exam Before Time, Continue to Improve Your Work until “Time Up”:
Improvements = Creativity. Dot your i‘s and cross your t‘s. Do an excellent job that deserves 100%. And if you couldn’t answer some questions, remain focused/prayerful for creative ideas that leads to the answers. Remember, “what you focus on, grows!” #Law2

13. Research shows that You remember about…
» 20% of what you read (e.g. Reading)
» 30% of what you hear (e.g. Lecture/tutorials)
» 40% of what you see (pictures, graphs, diagrams)
» 50% of what you say (teaching others, saying it to yourself, confessions, etc)
» 60% of what you do (e.g. applying/demonstrating the knowledge)
» 90% of what you see, say and do at the same time (simulations e.g. Giving yourself self-tests) #Law8

14. Two Easy Ways to Memorize
» Repeatedly Write What You Want to Memorize: The conventional way to memorize is to “repeatedly say” it. A better way is to repeatedly write it. By the time you’ve re-written it several times (say 40 times), it can become permanent! Try it and see!
» Record Your Definitions And Listen to Them: Sounds funny but effective. You remember what you hear more than what you read. #Law8

15. Use The Internet Productively:
» Google is a very effective tool for preparation for exam. Do you know that you can paste SOME [past] questions DIRECTLY into Google and get the solution in the first few Google results? Try it and see! You’ll find out that the internet is bigger than you think! #Law8

16. Use Your Phone Productively:
Use educational applications like periodic table, dictionaries, thesauruses, idioms, etc. for quick and easy learning. Turn your phone into a learning device and it’ll become a blessing rather than a distraction during exam periods.

More in “10 Laws of Academic Excellence”.
Copies available at Lagos, UI, OAU, EKSU, Ede Poly, LAUTECH.

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Principle#4: DISCIPLINE (Update #1: June)

Principle#4: DISCIPLINE (Update #1: June)

» “Once you can make yourself DO what you know you should do whether you feel like it or not, you’ll LITERALLY begin to make constant progress in your life (and academics).”

#1. Discipline is best defined as…
“…the ABILITY to MAKE YOURSELF DO what you KNOW is right to do—whether you FEEL like it or not.”

#2. “Starting” Requires Strength, But “Continuing” is Easy!
In Physics we learnt about “static friction” and “kinetic friction”. Static friction is the force you need to overcome in order to get an object to start moving. Kinetic friction is the force you need to overcome in order to keep the object moving. And static friction is always more than kinetic friction. (It’s also known as “Overcoming Inertia”).

MEANING? The energy it takes to start running is more than the energy it takes to keep running. The energy required to start solving past questions is more than the energy required to keep solving the questions. In other words, once you start solving the questions, it becomes easy to keep solving the questions. Making your first million is the hardest. But guess what? Once you put all your energies into making your first million, it becomes easy to make several other millions.

» “Starting” requires strength, but “Continuing” is easy. So, just start! That’s discipline. ONCE you start, it becomes easy for you to continue.

Try it and see! Then practice it until you become competent. Share this with your friends today!

Lagos, UI, OAU, EKSU, Ede Poly, LAUTECH…
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Good morning!

“Real Maturity is Spiritual Maturity!”



1. “Your ultimate financial goal is NOT Financial Security
Your ultimate financial goal should be “Financial Freedom”
(Your financial aim should not be to rise up through the ranks in your company but to be “free”. Financial Security is a direction to become poor! Your desire financially should be to get to a point where your “passive income” is more than your living expenses per month).
» Financial Freedom = Passive Income > Expenses

2. Many things you think are assets are NOT!
(“Assets produce passive income. Finish!” And there are only 5 classes of assets—Real Estate, Automated Businesses, Paper Assets, Intellectual Properties and Network Marketing).

3. How much you earn is NOT important!
(What’s important is how much is LEFT after you’ve removed your expenses from how much you earn. This amount that is left (called Monthly Cash Flow) is literally your ticket to financial freedom).

4. Money, Hardwork, and Savings are NOT the key to freedom!
(The key to financial freedom is Financial Intelligence. Money doesn’t make anybody rich, financial intelligence does. Physical labor will only wear you out. And savings (without continuous yield) is in a direction of loss). The key is financial intelligence

5. Economics is NOT all true!
(Economics studies scarcity, Financial Freedom is about abundance. The very “thinking” of scarcity, creates more scarcity. Think abundance. Think “Wealth Creation”, not “Poverty Reduction”). The key is there’s abundance!

6. Savers are NOT better than debtors!
(The key is not “saving”, the key is “INVESTING”. Savings is an expense. Except you convert your savings into securities or assets, it is still in the direction of loss. N10m saved 5 years ago is not worth the same N10m today. Ensure your “savings” is yielding for you WHILE YOU’RE STILL SAVING). Get an Escrow Account

7. Your greatest problems are NOT your enemies!
(Your greatest problem is your inability to say “No” to unnecessary demands around you. Usually, it’s your friends— Scripture says, “As wealth increases in your hand, those who will eat the wealth will also increase!” Eccl. 5:11, aka Parkinson’s Law). Money is discipline!

8. You canNOT achieve financial freedom without a map!
(Everything is created twice—first in your mind (or in the spirit), then in reality. But the second creation canNOT happen without the first. Many are struggling to experience a future they have not first seen/created on paper. How sad. Get a workbook, set your 5-year financial goal. Keep track monthly…until you achieved it!)

Learn more:
» “How to Join Avenues to Wealth
» A2W Products (amazing)

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“Real Maturity is Spiritual Maturity!”

MONEY WON’T MAKE YOU RICH –- Sunday Adelaja (Review)


This book contains the laws of money I learned; and how I purposed to make my first million US dollars in 2 years, so that these wealth-creation principles would first be proven in my life. I achieved it in less than 9 months and in the next 2 years helped 200 people in my church achieved the same.

Financial Freedom = Passive Income > Expenses
Because I’m a full time pastor and an itinerary speaker, I opted for “passive earning”, which came by adhering to certain laws and principles of wealth creation. Passive income is the key to wealth.
Wealth = Financial Freedom = Passive income greater than expenses. Here are some critical conclusions I came to:
» Becoming a millionaire is not a bid deal; it is easy!
» Money won’t make you rich.
» Money is only worth making if it is going to be used as instrument to set others free.
» God created money for the same reason as all other things—to serve His purpose.
» Ignorance is the biggest challenge of our age.

Money Won’t Make You Rich
Money won’t make you rich because it is not meant to do so. You must first build the wealth of inner values before money can come to you. Money is simply what we use to measure (or place a price) of how wealthy a person truly is in inner values. So you must first be ‘rich’ before money can come to you. Money is simply the way we move wealth (or true values) around.

Money Comes Only to the Financially Intelligent
» Listen, money doesn’t come to good people—because there are millions of good people who aren’t rich.
» Money doesn’t come to educated people—because there are so many educated people who live average lives.
» Money doesn’t even come to churchgoers or Christians—else our churches would be filled with millionaires!
» In fact, money doesn’t necessarily come to business people, as so many struggle to make ends meet.
» Money only comes to those who are already rich in the knowledge of the laws of money. Money comes to the financially intelligent.

When God’s people are empowered financially, they can easily pursue their God-given ambitions, goals, and purposes. Many people have dreams and aspirations that are not fulfilled because of lack of wealth.

1% of the world’s population earns around 90% of the world’s wealth. The poorest 10% of Americans are better off than a full two-third of the world’s entire population.

Value Out = Cash In
The rich are rich because they offer out more value, so they earn. The purpose of the church is not to have people come in and sit down. Rather, it is to go out & change cultures by establishing God’s value system—including God’s value system regarding money and wealth. Hence, the reason why a Christian desires financial freedom is not just to meet his or her needs but also to become an answer to the challenge of our world.

Main Errors of the “Prosperity Movement”
The prosperity gospel teaches that one prospers only when giving. Giving is the main emphasis. This is false. True prosperity comes not only when we give but also when we know the laws of money and play by them (financial intelligence). The law of giving is an important law but by itself it will fail to make anyone sustainably wealthy.

In most cases, when Christians teach that the only way to be prosperous is by giving to the church or ministry, the only person who becomes wealthy is the one on the receiving end or those who have control of the collection—usually, the pastor, televangelist, or radio preacher and his inner circle. I’m addressing imbalance. The truth is many megachurch pastors are quite talented and hardworking. Many have been able to create their own wealth from their book sales and other private enterprise. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with being prosperous and living well from one’s own exploits. But there is something fundamentally wrong with exploiting the weak and the innocent for personal gain.

Again, “Value Out” = “Cash In”
The prosperity gospel teaches an incomplete aspect of financial empowerment. They emphasize “confession”, “faith” and “belief” and never teach about the production of goods and services, and often because they are not comfortable with having to release their controlling grip on the congregation. They never tell their people that “true prosperity comes by getting involved in the process of production” (because they themselves do not understand it).

The Donald Trumps of this world profess no faith at all, and yet they sit on top of the pile in the world of finances. It is high time we began learning the importance of production of goods and rendering services as a pre-requisite to being wealthy. The basis still remains, “Value Out = Cash In”. The fundamental basis for income is still TRADE or EXCHANGE. Finish!

Accomplishing God’s Purposes (not Meeting Needs)
Another problem with the prosperity movement is that it tends to emphasize of the needs of a person. Of course God meets personal needs but that is not the main reason to desire wealth. We must have a clear drive to advance God’s kingdom and fulfill His purposes on earth—our needs are met in the process!

Other Principles
1. Successful people know that true education is what you get for yourself and by yourself. It is not what someone gives or tells you.
2. Successful people know that true success in life does not come by luck. A lucky man is not a successful man. A successful man is one who habitually sets goals and accomplishes them.

If we measure our lives by the things we own, we have no more hope than any other unbeliever. The Bible teaches a vital creed—“everyone who has something should behave as if he or she has nothing” (2Cor. 6:10).

We have to search our hearts and imagine ourselves without cars, without nice clothes, without beautiful homes. Would we feel miserable? If yes, then we have failed the test! If a person depends on outward, visible things, that person is not free but enslaved. That person has the love of money, which is the source of all evil.

You Must be Rich Without Material Blessings
You are not free until you can imagine yourself being happy without all these material blessings. We often think of people who have money are the ones with the love of money, and since we do not have much of that valuable commodity, we are free. What a deception. It is usually the other way around. Predominantly, the rich are free of the love of money and that is why they have it.

However, some rich people also have a problem. They often trust in their riches, making it their fortress instead of God. Money is merely a tool by which we meet our needs and accomplish the purposes of God. Knowing the truth about money and money principles frees people from bondage.

The Two Reasons Christians Must Be Financially Intelligent & Free
1. So that we can be free from the power/control of the love of money over us (“Truth sets free” John 8:32)
2. So that we can best serve the needs of the kingdom by fulfilling our purposes/destinies/dreams in life!

Financial Freedom (= Passive Income > Expenses)
We have members of our church who have learnt the laws of money and are financially free. Today, many of them are free to go as a missionary while their investments work for them and supply their needs (the church does not need to be burdened to meet those needs because their passive income covers it). Mastery over money allows them to serve God while their money works for them.

Our task is to become millionaires who make our own money to serve kingdom purposes. Our task is to devote ourselves to this one goal and work at it every day.

If you want to teach people about financial freedom, then you need to become financially free first—even as a pastor! This was why I gave myself two years to convert theory into actual possession of a million dollars before teaching it in my church or writing this book.

Pay God First, Pay Yourself Second (Savings)
1. Practice paying your tithes and offerings as an automatic practice. It’s better to inform your bank to automatically transfer funds to your church account.
2. Instruct your ban to transfer a % of your income to another “savings account” (an escrow account). Savings needs to be automatic otherwise you might not form the culture.
3. Save in a fixed deposit (with a guaranteed interest rate). Don’t just save in a simple account. This makes your money dormant. This is not good.

Note: Your savings should yield for you while you’re still saving!
In case you find saving difficult, I can help you. Read how here or Submit Your Details Here or Contact me: tolulopeahmed@gmail.com, or Whatsapp: 08156924520]

Beware of Lending Out Money
You are not a bank. So don’t bring others’ burdens on yourself. Only banks (and financial institutions) have laws in place that protect their interests, you don’t!

Other Principles
Focus/Concentrate your efforts to acquire more information, new networks, strategies for better service, and cheaper and better products.

Analyze your priorities. Discipline yourself to save and invest, and thereby later attain increasing wealth. Money cannot quench desires. Only discipline can tame desires.

If anyone thinks people are unhappy because of a lack of money, they are gravely mistaken. The reason many are unhappy is because either they have not understood the basic truths of life or they simply refuse to live by them.

Being Financially Free!
No millionaire I know carries money around? Why should they? Money for them is just an exercise in numbers. They are worth millions but often do not even carry a wallet. This is because these people are free from the power of money. On the other hand, people who have nothing often try to show off by carrying big, fat wallets around, counting their money in full public glare, because mammon has enslaved them! Lol!

Get this right: If you will do more work on yourself, your character and your inner man, then you will get to a place where you are absolutely content and satisfied with God’s blessing with your life. What is worth spending your life attaining is righteousness and contentment—which is true wealth. (And God finds it easier to trust you with more wealth and money because your heart is right).

Money is Either Created or Earned
Wealth is not a miracle; it must either be created or earned. Many Christians, especially in developing countries, are sitting in churches expecting God to bless them with money, instead of learning the principles of wealth creation (financial intelligence). What a great pity.

These Christians are no better than someone playing the lottery—because they are not attempting to create or earn wealth—they just want to win it.

The Process of Production Builds You
Even though God blesses, it works to our disadvantage without our involvement with the normal process of production.
» When preachers tell people to only give, and then expect a miracle, they have not helped them. They have to go beyond that and encourage their people to learn the process of production of either goods or services. It is easier for a Christian to be involved with the process of Production because he is already satisfied and derives more joy in just being a blessing to others. We should be more interested in the blessing that the process brings rather than the profit we are going to get in the end.

Money/Income is only a by-product of the normal process/channel of commerce/Exchange/Trade. “Value out” is still equal to “Cash in”. So when people play the lottery or just pray for financial miracles without getting involved with the process of production, it is more of a manifestation of greed than blessing.

Commitment to Continuous Education
1. Read/Learn about Your Area of Specialty/Interest (60minutes everyday):
2. Listen to Audio CDs (teachings) while Driving (or in transit): Averagely you spend 100hours in transit per year. This could be up to 3 months—just on the road. Don’t waste it! Make “travel time” = “learning time”. Many people became millionaires through head-phone self-study from CDs. Self-education is the greatest radical breakthrough in education since the invention of the printing machine.
3. Attend Seminars that can help you become more qualified in your profession. The above 3 combinations will lead to a life of continuous education.

Topics That Must Be In View
1. Understand Difference Between Assets and Liabilities: Assets = a possession that brings income passively (e.g. real estate, automated businesses, paper assets). Liability = possession that requires continuous expenses to maintain—it takes money away from you (e.g. cars, house you live in, etc.). Assets appreciates, liabilities depreciates.

2. Understand that money, just like a seed, must be multiplied: When you receive income, the first thing is not to spend it but to find a way to multiply it. Bible shows that money cannot be stored, but rather needs to be put to work. Dollars do not rain. God give us power, intellect, wisdom, ideas—i.e. the abilities—to make money ourselves (Deut. 8:18).

3. Investment Mentality vs. Consumer Mentality: The first discipline to wealth is savings. The second is investing what has been saved.

4. Financial Discipline vs. Instant Gratification: The discipline is “allow your funds (or savings) to accumulate so that you can make a great investment.” That’s why you must use an Escrow Account. No one has ever become rich by focusing only on spending instead of saving, no matter how little. The poor wants to be like the rich, so they buy liabilities. However, the rich don’t spend. Instead, they multiply their money and live off the overflow.

Other Principles
1. The foundation of life is “laws” and “principles”, not “superstitions” and “mystery”.
2. True successful people consider the numbers—Facts, figures, details, and fragments—because the numbers don’t lie. The numbers show the true financial progress of your life.

Remember, financial freedom is when your “passive income” is more than your “living expenses” per month.

Every Christian has only one purpose—to bring the kingdom of God into the sphere where he or she works. “Go ye into the world and make disciples” = “As you’re going along in your purpose/calling, ensure you’re making disciples”.

What Will You Do If Someone Actually Gives You $5million?
Here are the popular answers I received from people (who thought they were ready to be millionaires)
1. I would pray, and ask God what He would want me to do with it. This is really not an answer at all. It shows you don’t already know what to use it for. Money comes only in response to vision.
2. I would buy property for ministries and help them financially. This sounds spiritual but spending money that way leads to spending all. The first law of money is not to spend it but multiply it.
3. I would invest in media for the Word of God to travel around the world faster. This is similar to the previous one. This mindset devours money instead of generating a source that keeps yielding income for future use.
4. I will build houses for homeless people and go into philanthropy. A wrong understanding of money makes people assume that their first duty of money is to spend it. No! Invest!
5. I will invest the money to yield passive income. Then will sponsor the gospel with the yield. This answer is much better. Wise people spend the yields from their capital but never their capital. This is what Bible teaches to do. God doesn’t expect us to spend our income; but the yield from the investments we make with our income (Luke 19).

Churches receive tithers and offerings every week, but most of them run their budgets to limit way before the end of the month. This reflects ignorance of what Bible teaches to do. There will never be many people with significant money to benefit the church as long as we do not understand the basic concept of money!

The Basic Laws of Money
#1. Multiplication (i.e. Make more money): The faithful servant did not spend the money (income) he received, he multiplied it (Luke 19).
#2. Retention (i.e. Protect your money). Ensure you save in an escrow account and that it yields for you while you’re still saving. It is irresponsible to spend money before it multiplies. It’s a paradox to be irresponsible to these laws and begging God for a financial breakthrough.
#3. Investment (i.e. Leverage your money—make your money make more money). You can then spend from the overflowing profits your investments are giving you (passive income).

I found out that as soon as you begin to apply these financial laws into your business, God begins to open supernatural contacts, relationships, and other doors of unlimited opportunities to you. You see, when it comes to money and wealth creation, your belief system is the key!

Other Principles
1. Wealth does not come by working harder, longer, or even wiser. It comes by applying principles, time, energy, your mind and your money (Luke 19: 24—26).
2. It is easier to obtain wealth in poor surroundings than in rich or developed surroundings. So never complain about your circumstances.
3. Money doesn’t come because someone is good, spiritual or lucky. It comes to those who know and apply the principles of money (Prov. 6:6—11).
4. The windows of heaven are open to send blessings (in insight, concepts, ideas), but not money. (Deut. 8:18)
5. God’s blessing is important for enduring wealth without sorrow.
6. True millionaires shun get-rich-quick schemes. They prefer building their wealth progressively, consciously and intelligently via investments!

First fundamental point is: “Money doesn’t make you wealthy”. Second is “You must be morally wealthy before you can manage money right”—and it takes hard work to build a good character. Success is not an accident. It happens by laws and principles.

Financial Freedom is about Accomplishing God’s Purpose on Earth
Unless we always keep this truth before us, success will pollute and defile even the best of us. I have never met anyone who can prove there is happiness without God! No one and nothing can replace the Creator who fashioned us and knows our every desire. Without God, the more money you make, the more empty you feel.

Don’t ever try to accomplish success without the Creator. The more you try, the more you’ll regret your actions.

Always Maintain Balance
The law of prosperity says if you make money, you need to keep the balance of it by accumulating more information/knowledge about that money (otherwise, you’ll will not retain it but lose it). “Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times” (Isa.33:6). We need to dedicate ourselves to developing skills (and also working hard without feeling sorry for ourselves).

The difference between financial success and catastrophe is how much we choose to abide by the laws of money. When you income grows and your knowledge stays the same, the amount of money will slowly decrease.

Other Principles
1. Never give up on your dreams/vision. You must have a vision. Your vision/dream makes you focused on your future instead of your present.
2. Never lend out money except you’re ready to lose or donate it.

Knowledge is the key word when it comes to finances because money comes to those who have the knowledge of what to do with it. Spending your money to the last cent, even on charity, is what God calls foolishness.

Assets and Liabilities
Assets put money into your pocket. Liabilities require you to keep spending. Buying a house and then renting it out, so that you keep on receiving rental income, is an asset.

Buying a car for personal use with a loan (or even from your savings) and then having to spend money to maintain it, is foolish. This is a liability. Rent an apartment for now. Walk or take public transport—do whatever it takes, but invest your capital.

Using The Banks Money
However, while you’re in that rented apartment, you could actually take out a loan or mortgage from the bank using the house as surety, and then use the money from rent to pay off the percentage to the bank. That is why knowledge is the key word when talking about finances.

Financial Intelligence is Not Taught in Schools: YOU NEED FINANCIAL MENTORS
Most business schools teach students how to manage a business; not how to become financially free. You need to get a financial mentor because you will most likely not get financial education in schools.

I teach my pastors that they should never hang around wealthy individuals in the hop those people will bring in tithes. That by itself is slavery. Rather, I tell them to ask the wealthy individuals to come and teach the church the act of making money. The financial knowledge is more important than any handouts from anybody.

The Church Needs to Empower Christians Financially
The challenge in church today is that members are not financially empowered to create wealth (most teachings focus on subjective feelings, motivation, inspiration, and faith building).

Sadly, knowledge was actually discouraged and considered something worldly. If anything, professionals in their chosen fields are asked to set aside their sound, time-tested methods and principles in exchange for their pastors “anointed” but baseless instructions. Consequently our churches are full of financial illiterates. The only prosperity they teach is inspiring people to give. In most cases, people in the pews remain poor despite all their giving and all the promises made to them.

Even after my salvation, the Christian books I was reading did not really help financially. In most cases, some of those books actually discouraged me from learning more about the laws of money. Ultimately, the impression I was left with is that you should only read the Bible and books by Christian authors if you are a good Christian. For this reason, millions of people, like I used to be, are locked up in the church prison of financial ignorance while praying for financial breakthrough.

Other Principles
1. On our own, we need to study the experiences of those who are wealthy on one hand and balance it with the knowledge of the laws of God on the other hand.
2. University graduate + Financial Intelligence + Wisdom of God + Leading of the Holy Spirit = a developed true leader (not just a servant).
3. We cannot read the Bible alone to know the laws of money. To think that way is to deny that God has already given the knowledge to some. We need to learn from them!
4. If the church must preach kingdom prosperity, some basic topics must be in focus. If we do not teach the principles of wealth creation, we do not have the right to ask people to give us what they don’t have.

1. Salary (i.e. You Work and You’re Paid): The challenge here usually is that you sacrifice you time in the process. And a wrong mindset about money can be formed. (e.g. “I’m getting richer when my salary increases”, etc.)
2. Small (& Medium-Sized) Business: Most people here also trade time for money.
3. Big Business (or Entrepreneurship): In the long-run, the business can become an asset. Requires leadership and courage in the short term.
4. Honorariums (or Royalties): Writers, speakers, journalists, scientists, and artists usually make money via this avenue.
5. Investments (Rent from Real Estate, Dividends from Shares, Bonds, Treasury Bills): This is the income that sets free!

Hints to Recognizing Your Calling
1. Look Inwards: Gen. 1:12 affirms that everything that God created has seed within itself. The abilities and talents that can make you great already lie within you. Look closely.
2. Your Passion and Interests: Think about the things you like that give you satisfaction. What do you love to do so much that you can even do it for free?
3. Serving Others: What Do You Have to Offer? God has allowed you to accumulate experiences in the course of your life. Perhaps you can offer the world the priceless experiences of your mistakes.

The reason a lot is said about your calling and gifts is because finance is given in exchange for something. This is the best way to financial fulfillment: When you know what you can offer the world in exchange for their money. Your best product is to sell to the world your gifts and abilities.

Hence it is crucial that we all know what we do best, and as we offer it out even for free, not looking for money, we will discover that , nevertheless, money will find us out.

Buy passive-income-generating assets/investments. Once your investment is yielding, your money is said to be working for you. And once your income from investments is more than your expenses, you’re free financially.

Freedom To Serve God
I discovered that money does make a difference in the life of a believer. In fact, money has the ability to set you free to do the work of the ministry. If you are spending most of your life in a time-consuming job, when will you afford the time to fulfill your calling or explore your God-given talents? However, if you are making money work for you, then you have the time and opportunity to work [fulltime] for God.

There are people in our church who are financially free and now able to serve the needs of the kingdom of God.

Hope this review blessed you like it blessed me and helping me generate results in my life. This is only a review. Kindly get the book for deeper understanding and the remaining chapters.

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“Real Maturity is Spiritual Maturity!”

QUICK SUMMARY: [Law#3: Positive Learning Attitude]

QUICK SUMMARY: [Law#3: Positive Learning Attitude] — Update 10: May

#1. THE PRINCIPLE: “If your teacher THINKS that you (or the class) desires/deserves to excel, he will ensure you excel. Period!”

#2. POSITIVE LEARNING ATTITUDE: “If you continue to make yourself learn whether you feel like it or not, you will soon get to a critical point where you simply LOVE to learn! That is how to develop a positive learning attitude!

#3. FIRST, “You need to see ‘benefit’ in learning!” EDUCATION is best defined as the training of a person’s mind till the point that he can solve a particular problem and get paid for it!

#4. It does not matter your age; if you stop learning, you’re old. AND If you think knowledge is expensive, try ignorance and see which is more expensive.

#5. APPLICATION: If you are VERY ACTIVE in learning: you are sowing [good] seeds. And you will reap it (+ your teacher will favor you). On the other hand, If you are INACTIVE with learning, you are also sowing

seeds into your academics. And you will also reap it.

#6. BRACE YOURSELF! You will have to keep learning for the rest of your life if you want to remain excellent! This is the secret of great people. And in fact, it is not even a secret at all. It’s just that unsuccessful people don’t DO them.
“Develop a passion for learning”, then
“Get involved with learning in class” until you
“hold a positive impression in your teachers’ minds”,
then by law, “Your teachers will help you excel!” Period!

“If you want the quality of your life to continue improving, you must never stop learning!” (Rev. Sam Adeyemi)

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[Financial Intelligence Series (20 of 32)]

Quick definitions:
1. CashFlow (or Monthly CashFlow) = the amount you have left (per month) AFTER you have removed all your monthly expenses. [CashFlow = Income — expenses]

2. Escrow Account = a third-party savings account governed by rules (such that you cannot make personal withdrawals except withdrawals to acquire “assets”). An asset is anything that, on its own, brings you income passively. And there are only 5 assets-classes in the world — Real Estate, Automated Businesses, Paper Investments, Intellectual Property & Network Marketing!

Key Ideas to learn and apply:

1.. You need to “remove” your cashflow from your income FIRST of all, before you spend on any of your expenses in the month. The cashflow you remove includes: (Tithe, Savings or Investment). Experts say this is the way to “pay yourself first”

2. Next, you also need to open an “escrow” account. it’s good u have an accountability partner (a coach, a mentor, your spouse, your fiancé/fiancée, etc.) to effect the rules of the escrow account. “A2W Cooperative” is a good escrow account for A2W members.

3. You need to always put your cashflow into your escrow account 1st thing every month. This gives you an inner feeling knowing you have something in your “storehouse”. And makes you to be unafraid of “debt”! Hmm. And guess what “God commands His blessings upon your storehouses” (Deut. 28:8).

4. Until your savings (or cashflow) are in your escrow account, your savings are not yet safe from you. Neither is it safe from the pressures from your friends, family members, etc. If your savings are in a savings account in which the ATM card is in your hand, the savings is NOT safe yet! (except you put it in an escrow account — out of your spending grasp)

5. Manage your monthly expenses with the amount left after you’ve removed your cashflow into your escrow account. It’s important to take care of basic needs like food, transportation, communications, etc first, then others including beauty care, etc.

6. Continue to put your cashflow into your escrow account. Let the cashflow continue to grow in the escrow account…until it’s big enough so you can purchase a passive-income-generating asset.

7. keep repeating the process until your passive income is more than your living expenses. Once this happens you’re financially free!

In a nutshell…
(…until you can purchase assets that yield passive income greater than your expenses)!
This process is a financially intelligent process!

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Once your teacher gets a positive perception that you (or the class) REALLY desire to excel academically, then he will become interested in helping/ensuring you excel academically!

There is a saying that “When the student is ready, the teacher will show up”. This means

The very moment your positive learning attitude is activated, help will come, especially from your lecturers.

I tell people, there are 3 kinds of impressions you can hold in the minds of your lecturers:
2. Bad impression, and
3. No impression.

The worst kind of impression is to hold “No impression”. For such a person, you’re nothing more than a “matric number” to the teacher. Don’t let this happen to you.

But if you “develop a positive learning attitude”, and then “become actively involved with learning in class” (e.g. asking & answering questions in class, etc.) …until you eventually hold a POSITIVE impression in your teachers’ mind. Then by law,

“…they will become interested in helping/ensuring you excel academically!” Period!

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1. First Rule on Social Media is to “add value” via the things you share. Be genuinely interested in helping people online (even if you don’t know them…yet).

2. Second Rule is: You must have something you sell (a product or service or some information) while you’re adding value for free. “Value Out” = “Cash In”

3. If you do not already have a product/service you offer, you’re not likely to make any money online. No sales, no income!

4. If you don’t already have a product/service, create one. Or look for someone to become a distributor for. Or simply come on board A2W. A2W has loads of products/service you can offer from the first day you join. Go here

5. Many people will buy your products or recommend people to buy because they’ve come to trust you online overtime (because you’ve been adding value to them via what you share). Trust is key!

6. On twitter, the people you follow are more important than the people that are following you. Ultimately you’ll gain followers because of the people you follow.

7. Retweeting the people you’re following could increase the number of followers you have. Having your followers retweet you can have even more impact on the followers you can have.

8. In the 21st Century, you’ll make faster progress online than offline. The internet is the wave of the future, you’ll do well to have a placement there.

9. Always asking people to follow you back probably suggests that your personality doesn’t command followership yet. Develop yourself! Become a person people will like to follow/retweet on twitter.

10. On twitter, Facebook, BB, Blog, etc., ensure you have a database of relationships. Increase your contacts! Oil your relationships! Money will get to you through human channels; through your network. Your network = your networth!

11. Looking for who to delete on your network is poverty mentality. A wealthy man always wants to increase his relationships and influence.

To be continued…

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“You shall REAP what you SOW”.
That’s the normal way we usually state the law of Sowing and Reaping. But here is what I think is the best way of stating it:

“Whatever you do, or not do, is a seed. And you will reap it!” 🙂

If you CONTRIBUTE in class, it is a seed you’ve sown. If you don’t contribute in class, it is also a seed. If you always GREET your lecturers, it is a seed. If you don’t greet them, it is also a seed. If you seek always their counsels, it’s a seed. If you ignore them saying “I don’t want them to know me at all!” It’s also a seed. If you DO all your assignments yourself, it’s a seed. If you always “photodub” your assignments from others, it’s also a seed…and you will surely reap it!

Every action and inaction towards your academics will have consequences.

The whole idea is this: THERE IS NO MIDDLE WAY ABOUT IT; it’s either you’re sowing the right seeds or you’re sowing the wrong ones—that’s the law of Sowing and Reaping. And it also applies to other areas of life!

Principle: “The moment your lecturer gets the idea that you really desire to excel in his course, he will BECOME COMMITTED to ensuring you excel”.

Continue.. https://t.co/KwgZPHse6u
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» In 1966, Harvard professor Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson conducted an experiment: Teachers were told that certain kids in their classes were geniuses (even though they were not). At the end of the day, those kids received exceptionally high grades 🙂 . The research’s conclusion is this:

“It was the teacher’s perception of the child’s intelligence that had the greatest influence on the child’s leaning.” 🙂

Call it a “bias”, “prejudice” or whatever. It works, period! The lecturer will favour his students if he ‘thinks’ they deserve/merit it!

However, it also works the other way—if the lecturer perceives (or thinks) that the students in his class aren’t geniuses, they’re likely to receive average (or low) grades from him 🙂 ; and it will also negatively affect the students’ learning! Don’t let this happen to you. Ensure a positive “PERCEPTION” in your lecturers’ minds!

Read “how to do this” in the book.

Remember, the law says, “If the lecturer ‘sees’ that you truly want to excel in his course, he will become committed to helping you succeed in his course”.

Continues here… https://t.co/RS1UrhTSb1

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People say: “What if a person just doesn’t like reading? How can I develop a passion for learning? How do I develop a positive learning habit?” The answer is simple and the same:

“If you continue to make yourself learn whether you feel like it or not, you will soon get to a critical point where you will simply LOVE to learn!”

It’s the same way you develop any habit/competence/excellence. You simply start (and continue) reading at the conscious competence level until you get to unconscious competence.

So the reason why you may not like reading presently is because you have not been reading that much. Keep doing it at the conscious competence level until the magic of unconscious competence happens—you suddenly realize you simply love to read!

Remember it’s been said that “it takes 21 days of doing something consistently without interruptions to turn it into a habit. When this happens, you will be able to read with speed and effectiveness at the same time. You can even get to a point where you’re reading not less than 3 to 4 books effectively per month!

Try & see!

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You probably must have heard the statement: “If you want to hide knowledge from a black man, put it in a book—he would not read it.” 8-|

Recently, I was shocked to hear this statement in an upgraded form. It says:

“There are now 2 ways you can hide knowledge from a black man: one, put it in a book—because he won’t read it. Two, put it on the internet—because he doesn’t fully understand the age we are in!” X_X

These statements are used to describe Africa’s poor learning (and reading) attitude. But from the moment I heard them, I knew that nothing could be hid from me again. Immediately, I got an inspiration that:

“If I want to get ANYTHING hidden, I will find it in a book written by trusted mentors addressing that issue or on the internet.” \=D/

So, I developed a positive learning (and reading) culture with a sense of unreserved commitment. This has been the source of my speedy growth in the school of personal and academic excellence! And I believe that as you read this, you are also making that unreserved commitment to learning!

I read EVERYDAY. I write/type almost EVERYDAY. I listen to audio messages (and audio trainings) EVERYDAY”. Not because it is easy; not because it is convenient; not because I’m preparing for any exam. But because I know that if I set my self on this “routine”, where I should be in 5 years, I will be there in less than 2 years.

Interesting, this is a way I apply the success formulas I shared earlier and the results in my life are simply amazing! Today, I naturally love to learn because I have developed a positive learning attitude. You can use the above statements as motivation as well! (y)

Continues here… https://t.co/XxvHc40xW3
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(Update 4: April)

The GAP between where you are now and your PREFERABLE future, is what is called your ‘potentials’”. The very act of working to achieve your academic goal = releasing your potentials!

In many academic seminars I’ve been, I’m usually asked, “Were you an excellent student from your primary/secondary school?” My answer:

» “No! In fact, I didn’t go to a sound Pri/Sec school. Left Pri School in Pry4 (without common entrance), & without Junior WAEC, left Sec school in SS2. I never had an A in my O’ level result; In fact, I never had a B. I had all C’s.” But by applying these same principles, and measuring myself based on the potentials of my future, I achieved the academic results I have today! You can as well. And trust me, you’ll be amazed at the potentials of my future years ahead!

Many people subconsciously define themselves based on their past experiences instead of the possibilities of their futures. Because of this, most students tend to think: “I don’t think I’m that brilliant” or “I’m too young to…” or worst, some even say things like: ”See, I know myself!”—which further places more limits upon them. Don’t let this happen to you!

“To think according to appearances is easy; to think truth regardless of appearances is laborious and requires the use of more power”

“To effect positive change in your experience, you must disregard how things are and give more of your attention on how you prefer things to be”

Listen, if you have not had A’s frequently before (or you’ve never even had it in your life), and you use that experience to label yourself as “an average student”, you are sunk—you have just placed a limit upon yourself! And that’s what you will be—average.

Never judge yourself by your past or even the present. Always measure yourself by the potentials of your future.

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Some people might think it is self-deprecatory while others might think it is self-aggrandizing to start to write one’s biography at an early age. But if you look at it very well, you might notice some few reasons why this is so important:

  1. It helps to effectively CAPTURE some transforming moments that could greatly impart other lives before those moments are forgotten [or before one cannot make time again to document them].
  2. It is a form of self-science. You learn and discover more things about yourself as you write in retrospect. It’s just like when you see a movie again; you pick up on some SUBTLETIES you didn’t pick when you saw it the first time.

I believe this is just the first season of this biography.

A transforming Challenge

I’ll start with the very first visible impact that occurred in my life. It was when my Dad told me that I was going to be attempting UME (now UTME) in my SS2 [as against the conventional SS3]. This was a great challenge for me. You would understand why I said it was a challenge in the following paragraphs about my educational background:

Contrary to the convention of leaving school in primary 5 or 6, I left primary school in primary 4 and went straight to JSS1 without writing common entrance [This was enough for my brain to be 1or 2 years behind]. My JSS1 was a total waste because all I constantly did in school was to go out and play video games with my friends. I never saw any of the results of the exams I wrote [I wasn’t expecting any result anyway]. I changed my school and struggled to catch up with my colleagues in JSS2 and JSS3 in which my performance got better [at the end of JSS3, my rating was 2nd position in a class of about 50].

Again, contrary to convention of writing the Junior WAEC, I changed school and went straight into SS1 (science class) without writing any exam. As though that wasn’t enough, I found that I was the only science student in my class [a class of two]. It was only me and my teacher. He taught me almost all my science subjects for TWO YEARS. I practically learnt nothing in most of my subjects. So you can imagine how it felt when my Dad now told me I was going to be attempting UME in my SS2!

This challenge was the beginning of personal discipline and personal development for me. I didn’t want to fail the JAMB exam and I didn’t want to fail my Dad either; so I developed a commitment to PERSONAL TRAINING. I began to teach myself several topics in my subjects. “Break times” were “study times” for me. In no time, I attracted the attention of some of my teachers. I told them my goal and they gave me personal development books that could help me. I had a great determination. I learnt so many things during my study times and I came up with the following statements of success:

  1. “If you can read, write and understand; you can TEACH YOURSELF anything!”
  2. “If you are waiting for people to teach you everything, there is a big probability that they will not; and you might end up not learning anything. Therefore, develop yourself!


Today, I have applied these two principles to achieve many things in my life: I studied many personal books to teach myself how to design. Today I’m manage a Design Group called Spectacular Designs [and I never went to a design school]. Also I type at the speed of 65 words per minute with the keyboard by practically sitting down to say “I can teach myself certain things” [and I never went to a typing school] and many other things I’ve learnt this way. You too can do the same. Remember, If you can read, write and understand; you can teach yourself anything!”

The Choice for Principles—the means for achieving my goals

I passed my exams but later went for pre-degree program of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. It was at the pre-degree program that I had the greatest experience with God. I got filled with the Holy Ghost [with the evidence of speaking in tongues]. I started finding out the principles of God concerning every area of my life especially my academics. I found out those principles, applied them accordingly, and to my amazement, I started walking in excellence in my academics. I averaged 74% in my pre-degree program and was admitted to study Engineering Physics, in the Department of Physics, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (OAU Ife).

At this time I had learnt two big lessons:

  1. To truly really manifest excellence, I must walk along side with God, and
  2. Results will become obvious in my life after I have APPLIED principles in alignment with God’s Word.

I realized that in this world, there are principles that cannot be changed. All I need to do is to learn those principles and ALLIGN myself to them. The Reality Principles states: “Deal with the world as it is, not as you wish it would be.” This was my resolve from that time onward.

Serving others—the Greatest Secret to becoming a True Leader

I had developed a great passion for serving God from my pre-degree experience. I love God so much! I was willing to work for the Lord in my fellowship. Passionate student of God’s Word. And in no time, God noticed me and chose me as one of the leaders that would lead other first year students of my fellowship (2Tim. 2:20—21).

This was surprising to me because I felt too young to do it. But I was not willing to fail God. So I started again—reading and learning all I could find on leadership, communication, spiritual development [being more like Christ], etc. It was around this time I got to know about “The ministry of listening to messages” [like I now call it]. This gave me speedy growth. I learnt 3 great lessons:

  1. Audio trainings [and audio messages] is the greatest breakthrough in education since the invention of the printing press.
  2. Personal development is the NATURAL springboard [or launch pad] to personal excellence, and the big one.
  3. Serving others is the KEY to greatness in life!

I learnt the great quote: What do we live for if not to make the world less difficult for each other? (George Eliot). All my successes in the university can be summarized in one word: “service”. I served at all the levels of my stay on the campus (from part 1 — 4). “Who I had become” was through service. Who I became was the greatest thing I took out of the university [and not even my first-class CGPA].

The Choice for Purposediscovering and accepting my destination in life

In my second year, I was serving as a teacher in the Principles’ School of the Gospel Students’ Fellowship (GSF OAU). I had 7 students. I constantly developed myself spiritually in order to be able to impart the “life” of the Word of God into their lives. I loved them so much! I was always concerned about their well-being.

Then I began to have a sense of “purpose”. I basically define purpose as “God’s use of a person in life”. I began to ask God what was the best thing I could do in life to effectively advance His Kingdom. After several prayers, meditation, thinking, and great encounters with God [especially through the ministry of listening to messages], I had a glimpse that I would be in the ministry as a teacher and a trainer of young people in life. I had an idea that I have a career in Information and Communication Technology—solving people’s problems with computers [and technology]. The other details were to come later.

I realized that purpose is not a thing to be assumed and it is not a thing one discovers once [and fully]. It’s uncovered day by day as one’s knowledge, encounters with God, and insight increase.

The Choice for Mentorsthe key to alignment to my purpose

Then I learnt The Four Fundamental Questions a man of purpose must be able to answer [in the following order]:

  1. What is my purpose in life? [In what way can I best serve the interest of the Kingdom of God?]
  2. Who would mentor me along this path of purpose? [Who is already walking in this path of my purpose?]
  3. Who will be my life partner for this purpose? [Who has the potentials compatible to my purpose?]
  4. Do I have all the necessary resources to maintain these decisions for the rest of my life? [Am I ready to follow through?]

Then all of a sudden, a lot of things became so clear to me. I am not in this world to live for myself but to live for others. I realized that if the first two questions were not answered well, I wouldn’t be ready yet to perceive who my life partner would be. I realized that marriage relationship is based on the discovery of purpose with the guidance of mentors. Then I went straight under the tutelage and mentoring of my Pastor, Tunde Aroyehun of the Living Epistles Family Church, Alakuko, Lagos State. This choice affected ALL the things I was involved in especially in the ‘positions’ I was serving God in my fellowship.

In my third year (2009), I had the opportunity to serve as the Vice Principal of the Principles’ School of GSF OAU. Serving God and the students took me through a training process of handling practical life issues. I was practically doing the work of a pastor and a mentor for all the students I had to oversee.

In my 4th and final year, I served as the senior pastor of the University Joint Christian Mission, Pre-degree Students’ Fellowship, Ipetumodu, Osun State (2009/2010). At the same time, I was serving as the President of the Christian Association of Physics and Engineering Physics Students (CAPEPS OAU). The training processes I went through became intense. It shaped me into the person I became at the end of the day.

In the same 2009, for the very first time, I wrote down my dream list (or statements of purpose in life). This was perhaps the greatest personal development exercises I did. It practically set my life on the path that I ‘know’ I must follow. Then I chose my second mentor, Pastor Segun Obadje, Senior pastor, God’s Love Tabernacle International Church, Ile-Ife. My vision after locating him was to walk with speed, grace and excellence towards fulfilling purpose and destiny—for which to a good extent, I am experiencing and enjoying today!

In the same year, God laid it on my heart to write a book on academics to transform the academic performance of many students of the university [and also secondary schools]. I completed the book within 7 months and the reviewed it for another 1 and half years. I titled it “10 Absolutely Unbreakable LAWS OF ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE”.  The book was completed in February, 2011 and was launched in March 11, 2011. And I have received many testimonies since from a lot of people who have read it. The rate at which the book is selling and the feedback I’ve been receiving (till tomorrow) has stunned me!

With my purpose quite clear in my mind, my mentors strategically positioned in my life, my covenant friend and my students I directly influence [especially my mentorees], I can quite confidently say that I have a block of relationships that would guide me to always take the right decisions as I live life. I am quite sure that I am set on the path that I must follow for my life, career, purpose and destiny. You too can put these structures in place in your life and experience the same!

To be continued…

                                                                                                            Tolulope Oluwaseun Ahmed,

                                                                                                                                                                                         Manager, ValuePlus International:
(Academic Mentoring | Financial Intelligence | Spectacular Designs)

                                                                                                                                                                08033924595 | 08156924520. | BB: 331EE84F

http://creatingwealth.co/lcp6/tolulopeahmed, http://facebook.com/tolulopeahmed, twitter: @tolulopeahmed


The vision is “1 million excellent graduates by 2020”. And for 6years+ we’ve continued to positively change the stories of students and young people (especially across different secondary schools and higher institutions of Nigeria).

In the last 6years+, I’ve received testimonies that have stunned me! I’ve received awards, text messages, emails, recommendations, calls, testimonials that have really been heart warming. Why? Because someone is grateful that our commitment to this vision is helping them succeed.

In fact, I received another while preparing this post. (Shared with permission).

The next phase in the vision is to reach students with academic excellence right within their textbooks. Hence, the Accelerated Learning Textbook Series.


The First Academic Excellence Textbook in Nigeria. The first textbook to combine great subject content with the philosophy of academic success. The Accelerated Learning Textbook Series for Secondary Schools.

Launching Next week Saturday + Celebrating 28 years of God’s Faithfulness!

25th November

11am prompt

RCCG, Builders Parish, Ilogbo Road, almost opposite Coca-Cola depot, Off Ojú-òre, Otta, Ogun State.

PS: Special Discount on the book (and all our educational products — books, games, etc.) for all schools represented at the Launching.


Tolulope Ahmed

ValuePlus Inc.

The New Nigeria

Breaking New…

1. PHCN celebrates 8 years of constant power supply in grand style!

2. The value of the Naira becomes 50kobo to a dollar!

3. Cost of housing in Lagos reduces further, starting at N15000 per month!

4. In Sports, NFA applauds as the super eagles win the world cup again!

Details shortly!


“You see these things, they won’t happen right away. Slowly, steadily, but surely, as the days go by, the vision will be fulfilled! If it seems slow, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed!”

— Hab. 2:3 NLT (paraphrase)

Happy Independence Nigeria!

ValuePlus Publishing — The Power of Focus! 

First your goals will look impossible, then, by the power of focus, they’ll look possible. And then after a while, they’ll become inevitable!

Three years ago, amongst many other things, I wrote down in my vision board, to have a publishing outfit.

Well, the same year, our first book was published, and now 3 years down the line, we’ve completed our 7th book publication.

Indeed, “What you focus on, grows!”

Next month, we celebrate our 3rd Anniversary!

Rejoice with us!

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Reinventing The Textbook

#BouncebackAbility — Deolu@40

It was “connection at first hearing” for me when I first heard Adeolu Akinyemi in an audio message on Academic Excellence titled “Teleios—completeness” by SCM OAU (2009). And from that moment I knew I had to meet him, and have him write the foreword for my first book, which he gladly did (December, 2010).

I will never forget how he taught and showed me (in 2013) to follow my inner compass. To believe in what I was doing, though not popular will soon become a leader in its field. And it has.

I would always remember the midnight chats where I share my vision and get guidance and direction. In many ways, he has influenced what I do today and still continues to do so. I am always amazed at his speed of implementation of ideas (of which I can only imagine the number of the yet-to-be-implemented ones).

He’s been my mentor long before we met. My co-author, financial pastor, great confidant and a privilege pack 🙂 . I celebrate you powerfully! Weh done sir! 🙂

If you’re in Lagos, do come around to learn from and celebrate the life of this genius leader this Saturday, August 4th as he clocks 40. You’ll learn success lessons about life, nation building, ministry, family and business.

Venue: 7, Olufunmilola Okikiolu Str, off Toyin Str, Ikeja

Time: 10:30am

Date: August 4th Cost: FREE but you can Register ahead – https://goo.gl/5o98ZY

Theme: BounceBackAbility

Thank me later. 😎

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YOUR GRADUATING CGPA? [Free Audio Download] 

Kindly, Let This Travel! Share with a student on campus. [Download Free audio gift] 

The moment you obtain your academic goal (i.e. Your graduating CGPA), you have distinguished yourself from 99% of students on campus who will never set their goals!”

Set your goal. Write down your graduating CGPA. Put it where you can always see it, and see if your life will not take on extra speed. (Excerpt from #Law1) 

I’ve interacted with  hundreds of students this year 2017 alone, and much more from previous years, and I know that the percentage of those who actually know their graduating CGPAs is very low (especially those who’ve learnt how to obtain their graduating CGPAs). 

What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done. Just by putting numbers around your life (including academics), you’ve ensured deliberate and continuous progress.

How to calculate your CGPA in advance to obtain your graduating CGPA. [By the way, this was my reality in my first year in the university. I wasn’t on first class in the first semester, but tracking my progress corrected that anomaly]. You can as well!

Success is never sudden! It’s simply the accumulation of every day achievement of little goals. 

I’ve converted this audio into a size that can travel very far especially via this platform to get many students working with their own graduating CGPAs, ensuring consistent 5.0/5.0 GPAs every semester.

Begin with the end in mind

Share the audio with your friends. Your future is great. Love you. Also, get a copy of the book, 10 Laws of Academic Excellence. Looking forward to your testimonies of excellent results soonest. 

Multiple 5.00CGPA semesters and finally graduating with a 4.79 CGPA from OAU

Awesome feedback and testimonies from everywhere because of the 10 Laws of Academic Excellence

Again, Download…


And share with others. 

Tolulope Ahmed

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[New Book Alert] The Intelligent Self — Tobi Delly 

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are we not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fears, our presence automatically liberates others.

{As quoted by Nelson Mandela in his inaugural speech, 1994}

A high self-esteem must not be confused with pride. Pride and high self-esteem are not the same, even the Bible states ‘pride goes before destruction’. Pride is when you consider yourself as the only thing tangible and all other things useless. A high self-esteem is regarding yourself as one of the best in the midst of the best. You regard other people’s potentials and you don’t diminish them or bash their self-confidence or self-esteem. You do your thing without feeling ashamed, shy and with confidence.

This of course doesn’t mean when you meet high-powered speakers like Anthony Robbins, John C. Maxwell, Barrack Obama, Brian Tracy, Fela Durotoye, Leke Alder, etc. don’t get scared when on stage too. There’s always stage fright but you can expel this as soon as it comes when you have the knowledge and experience. Since they most times they’re always speaking to audiences, it becomes part of them and their personalities. One of my favourite quote is “Amateurs call it genius, masters call it practice”. You can practice to become whatever you want to be and become a master at it if you want. You can literally convert your low self-esteem into a high self-esteem.

Learn more about how to increase your self-esteem for greater achievement in life by reading Tobi Delly’s new book ‘The Intelligent Self: 101 ways to increase your self-esteem

See what people are saying about it:

”THE INTELLIGENT SELF: 101 Ways to Increase Your Self-esteem” is a Masterpiece to all who want to build their brand, grow their self-worthiness and become excellent in their action. This is a delightful guide full of important information for those of us who want to live an intelligent life full of fun and progress. Tobi Delly continues to inspire young people in Africa to rise up to their full potential…

PETER QUEST. Social-entrepreneur. & Life Coach. Executive Director, Inspiration Kenya.

As a busy Soldier, I know this is a brilliant piece of work. It takes a lot of self-esteem out there, to go out and face the enemy in battle. As a poet and writer, this is a must read. The Intelligent Self will be my Go-to-guide on self-esteem for many years to come.’

SANUSI ADEYEMI BIOGEO. Trooper, Armour Corp. The Nigerian Army

‘The Intelligent Self is best described as an inspiration and self-development cleverly mashed and delivered in swallow-able bits.

It’s laced with wisdom to raise bowed heads and practical steps to straighten sagged shoulders’

DAPO OMOJOLA. Author of Mind your Mind, http://www.dapoomojola.com

We are all born pure and innocent with an empty mind. We grow up being fed the dos and don’ts of life. Our sense of self-esteem is consistently being shaped, whipped or influenced by the society. Living one’s life according to how the society dictates out-rightly ruins our self-esteem. The Intelligent Self has come to fill the need for continuous self-reassurance and validation else the unconscious drift to low self-worth and terminal depression.

STELLA JEGEDE. Fabric Designer. Creative Director, Stellar Height Creations

The Intelligent self is a compendium of brilliant, relatable ideas that can help you build a positive self-esteem.  A tantalizing page-turner.  Get ready for a paradigm shift.

OGUNBOWALE OLUGBENGA. Multiple Award Winning Entrepreneur & CEO Epower

I’ve known Tobi Delly a long time to know his words are straightforward and concise, buttressing the points without mincing words. He has done the same thing with this book. The Intelligent Self is simple yet straightforward. It delves into the knowledge of how you can increase your self-esteem, gives you 101 ways and at the end of it, there’s an action plan; a work-session to take you through self-assessment and improvement. I strongly recommend this book as a tool to the Nigerian populace.

PRINCE ADEPOJU ADEYEMI AFEEZ. Medical Consultant/MBBS, University of Ibadan
The compendium of deep thoughts in this insightful and intelligently put together by the author to help you on self-discovery on recovery for an optimum performance for self-actualization. It’s very easy to read, digest and apply.

TOPE AWOFISAYO, Lead Pastor, Communion Christian Centre.


COSTS N2, 000.

Pre-order here for N1, 500: 





You can also call 07031118649, or send a mail to tobintino@gmail.com.

If You Want to Achieve Your Goals, Don’t Focus on Them! 

“Aim at your goals, but focus on your targets”.

I was at a seminar at a Sunday at The Ambassadors College, Otta. 

And I was part of a panel that was asked the difference between a goal, vision, aim, resolution, objective, mission, dream, purpose, desire, etc. And I realize many people have formed different definitions for all of them, trying to gain cheap popularity for it. 

However, they are just all semantics. They are all the same. The idea is that it’s a mental image of a preferable future that you seek to bring into reality. They are all on the left side of the Training Balance Scale!

The only other term that is different from the above is your targets (daily actions). Your targets are the things you can do that are under your full control to achieve your goal. 
e.g. If my goal is to get closer to God by December 2017, then my targets can be to read 5 chapters of the Bible every day of the year. And this will make me get closer to God by the end of the year. i.e. Your targets lead to your goals. 

Simply get your goals clear, and execute your targets for them DAILY until it’s achieved, then it wouldn’t matter whether you called it vision or mission, all you’ll know is that it’s DONE!

Aim at your goals (thoughts) but focus on your targets (daily follow up actions). 

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“Work always expands to fill up the time allotted to it”. — Parkinson’s Law

The common error people make is that they give themselves far too much time to achieve their goals. When this happens, Parkinson’s law sets in; which states that “Work usually expands to fill up the time allotted to it!” 

It usually makes no much difference whether you set a longer or shorter time for your goals

The freaky part is that it works for shorter time too!

You see, the way we make progress in life is by overqualifying for our current level and spilling over into the next. 

One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that time alloted to reach your goal is short enough to stretch you and cause the overflow. 

Once the goal is abundantly clear, focus on your targets (i.e. the activities to achieve the goals). Develop a sense of urgency. Develop a bias for action. Do it now, and everyday until you over qualify for your current level and spill over into the next level (i.e. achievement of the goal). 

Get it done very quickly the first time even it it’s not perfect, the second edition will be better. That’s how we keep spilling over to our next levels! 

The lesson here is that it makes no much difference whether you set a longer or shorter time. So whatever goal/project you’re currently working on, readjust and beat Parkinson’s law! 

Tolulope  Ahmed 


Close to 1000 units sold in 8 months. Many schools now embrace Pivot as a fun way to teach their subjects. Buy or recommend for schools

First class and top class graduates, 100% scores, etc. Over 20000 copies sold in 5years. Buy or recommend for a friend.

The ebook of all these books are also available for purchase online. Contact ValuePlus: valueplusrecords@gmail.com, or Whatsapp +2348033924595 

Coming soon! Accelerated Learning Series—for secondary schools. A new series of textbooks for secondary schools. Starting with Accelerated Learning in Physics. Coming out next year, May 2017. Watch this Space! 

THE ILLUSION OF TRUTH — Why We Must Not Stop Asking Questions 

The illusion of truth is the idea that apart from scientific laws, whatever you experience repeatedly for a long time will eventually become your truth—whether that thing is true or false.

Decide what you want to be repeatedly exposed to!

You avoid the illusion of truth by researching to establish facts!
The reason why you recognize President Obama easily and you don’t recognize Sharon Ogundokun is because President Obama appears on your media more than Sharon, my protégé.

If you’re taught something for the first time that sounds strange (e.g. Things become tight or you lose your properties because you don’t pay Tithe), at first, you’ll have reservations about the idea, but with continuous exposure to the same idea, it soon becomes your truth!

The gap here is that, the day you’re repeatedly exposed to the wrong idea, you won’t know. It would have become your truth such that you’ll even have to defend the idea yourself—except you keep asking questions.

Test all things and hold fast to that which is true!” (Apostle Paul, 1 Thess 5:21).

Don’t believe everything you hear, test everything because deceit has gone into the world” (Apostle John, 1John 4:1).

Even Paul was happy about the Berean Christians because they didn’t take his word until they’ve checked to confirm it’s true!

Listening to an idea repeatedly without checking and without question is the definition of brainwashing. “Don’t question it, just believe it!” only leads more to the illusion of truth!

If you don’t find the truth, you won’t know if you’re following it.

Truth doesn’t need protection. The main attribute of the truth is that it should be researched. “For you can do nothing against the truth but for the truth!” (Apostle Paul, 2Cor.13:8)

I believe we should have more questions and answer sessions in every meeting (churches, conferences, speeches, talks, etc.) to establish truths. If all you ever do is listen; if you don’t make research like the Bereans, or ask questions to establish the truth, you will be brainwashed!

Let’s avoid the illusion of truth, let’s ask questions. Let’s hold fast to that which is true!

Tolulope Ahmed


Close to 1000 units sold in 8 months. Many schools now embrace Pivot as a fun way to teach their subjects. Buy or recommend for schools

First class and top class graduates, 100% scores, etc. Over 20000 copies sold in 5years. Buy or recommend for a friend.

The ebook of all these books are also available for purchase online. Contact ValuePlus: valueplusrecords@gmail.com, or Whatsapp +2348033924595

Coming soon! Accelerated Learning Series—for secondary schools. A new series of textbooks for secondary schools. Starting with Accelerated Learning in Physics. Coming out next year, May 2017. Watch this Space!


The UNICAF Scholarship Programme was founded to offer gifted underprivileged students from Africa the opportunity of furthering their education by studying towards an internationally accredited qualification such as the University of Nicosia MBA degree.

University of Nicosia, Cyprus, Europe.

Eligibility/Requirements: MASTERS

1. Resident in Africa, 

2. An accredited Bachelor’s degree (European, American) or equivalent (i.e. ACCA).

3. Two recommendation letters from persons who have known the applicant in his/her educational and professional environment.

4. Curriculum Vitae (CV).

5. Personal Statement – a comprehensive outline highlighting the applicants’ individual competencies and strengths and providing their reflections regarding the expectations and value of the programme as well as to their personal advancement and career development.u
Eligibility/Requirements: DEGREE (BA Business)

1. High School Leaving Certificate or its equivalent with an average grade of ‘C’. ‘A’ levels are considered to be a form of equivalent qualification.

2. Good extracurricular involvement, leadership skills, and other relevant background information are taken into account.

These are the questions people in my network have asked me since I started. 

1. How Do I apply? 

You apply via Unicafscholarship where you’re able to get up to 80%reduction in fee after you’ve been screened. So instead of €10000 you pay only €2000.

2. How much does it cost? 

Via the UNICAF scholarship, you get a fee reduction. You pay up to 20% of the fee.

With scholarship: Up to €2000 = N622,000

Without scholarship: €10000 = N3.1 million (€1 = N310)

3. Is there an option for instalmental payment? 

Yes. However following the RULES of hire purchase, Instalmental payment is allowed with a little extra fee. The higher the number of instalments, the more the extra fee. I’m doing 15 installments. 15 installments is €2500 (instead of the €2000) for example.

4. So how does the program work? 

Materials are provided free electronically online. Exams are done online as well. Assignments/projects are submitted online every 2 weeks or so. Lots of research and practical learning involved.

5. How Flexible is the program? 

Very very flexible. It involves more research work than dependence on the professors. There are no live classes. The overview of the courses are highlighted at the beginning for students to visit their virtual learning environment to see; and assignments given along side relevance sources. You study at your FREE hours.

6. What are the requirements? 

The requirements. For MBA,

*A Degree certificate, 

*a background knowledge of business and financial Management (if you don’t have, you will have to do some foundational courses first). 

*A personal statement. 

*2 Referees from your academic background (or Professional background). It could be 1 letter from Academic background and 1 letter from Professional background or the 2 reference letters from the same Area. 

*An initial registration fee of €250 (about N78000). 

*And then you apply via UNICAF scholarship for a fee reduction. You pay 2000 euros instead of €10000

7. What are the next steps? 

The best and quickest way for you to start is send me your details. Full name. Phone number. Email. And program of choice. And I will forward them to MY PART ADVISER Anna. she will contact you and guide you through the process.

I and a few friends started in January, 2015. Program ends December 2016. You can join us, and enjoy our guide. Here are my results so far… 

Results: MBA program, UNIC.

Now between me and you, my purpose of getting an MBA is to apply for a PhD afterwards at Harvard or any other top notch university like Harvard. If you’re like me, we can do this together.
The best way not to waste your time and still get more academic qualification is to do your academic programs online.

If you know anyone interested, kindly tell them to message/contact me for details on how to get started (using the details below).

The fastest way is to send me your details:

*Full Name, 

*Phone Number

*Email address

*Program Option (MBA, MEd, Degree)

Or simply chat me up…

WhatsApp 08033924595 
PS: Watch this video on how to do well Academically!